Mindful Parenting E-Guide & Audio

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Mindful Parenting E-Guide & Audio

Mindful Parenting E-Guide & Audio

Your step-by-step Guide to Effective, Stress-Free Parenting
109-page E-book and 60 min audio of:
Top parenting formulas (for parents of children of all ages) & experiential exercises

Would you like to:

Have harmony in your home?
  • Parent from a place of Gratitude?
  • Speak, so your child wants to listen?
  • If you answered yes to one of the above, then you will benefit from this Parenting E-Guide.
Parenting in the 21st Century Moment-to-Moment Parenting Developmental Phases of Children Parent-Child Relationships Co-Parent Relationships Effective Communication Conscious Discipline Experiential Exercises Self-Analysis Questions
‘Communicate Effectively, so your Child is Inspired to Listen.’


This inspirational parenting guide by Helen Hansen is a gripping and informative read. From the very beginning, one is asked gently to set up a quiet space for oneself to read and digest the information provided.  This sounds obvious, but for me, it was an important reminder to honor one’s own time.  Plus allowing oneself the space to read and ponder the information. I felt so excited just setting myself up in a quiet corner with a pen and a piece of paper! There are thought to provoke questions and experiential exercises.  These are asked at suitable intervals throughout the guide.  This in part contributes to making this book more than just a guide. It is a process and a fascinating and worthwhile one.

The guide is divided into five modules

Set aside approximately an hour per module.  Module One begins by looking at parenting in the 21st century, and moment by moment parenting. We as parents can often feel overwhelmed by the plethora of technological information that is in this current age so easily available to us. Although this input can be stressful, it is important to remember that this availability of information also provides a huge opportunity for us to learn and grow because there is so much knowledge at our fingertips! Opening up a world of possibilities. In this section, Helen speaks of energy and perception – two concepts the understanding of which is vitally important to guiding our children and fulfilling our roles as their parents. Parenting is not a simple term, but a growth process.
Parenting is also a moment by moment process.
Quietness and intuition come into play. Listening to one’s inner voice is an integral part of successful parenting.  It is this voice that can often show us the way.  We need to learn to listen to it. We all have it! A balanced lifestyle in all aspects including nutrition, intake of water, exercise, me time, rest, self-growth, and time spent outdoors is necessary.  To enable to us to function optimally. Once we examine these aspects, change may be necessary to bring about balance. Through this guide, and notably through the questions and exercises posed after each module, I learned a lot about myself. I had to dig deep sometimes!  I was reminded of how important it is to be in a secure and grounded place as a parent. Thus, enabling us to act as inspirational guides to our children. This guide undoubtedly opens trains of thought that are incredibly useful in dealing with my own family. There is a wealth of information in this guide. I would highly recommend Helen’s Inspirational Guide to Parenting to all parents.  Who are willing to open their hearts to change for the better, for themselves and their families.   By Janet Neilson


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