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The idea for Lifestyle Shop Online came about when we were searching for a one-stop online shop, that caters for all our needs of a living a balanced lifestyle. While there were plenty of stores that offered clothing/ health/ fitness/ healing etc, there was nothing that brought all these categories, and more together. We have spent much time sourcing products for you that, we have battled to find ourselves. If there is anything you require, please enquire, and we will do our utmost to source it for you.

Patricia (Trish) Taylor

I matriculated in Jhb, and then went on to complete B. Soc Sc degree at UCT, majoring in psychology. While studying, I began my first successful business, The Bead Barrel, which I ran for 12 years. After having our fourth child, I donated the business to charity. I have owned and run various businesses over the years, but my passion lies in health and healing.

First and foremost, a mother, a wife and a homemaker, with four amazing children. Two beautiful daughters, who are part of Lifestyle Shop Online, and two gorgeous sons. I have spent my entire life studying various health related practices, and I am a qualified herbalist. The store offers me the perfect platform to inspire others into living a balanced lifestyle. I am a published author, and am in the process of writing a book, called Mother’s Miracles.

Our family relocated to Cape Town a couple of years ago, and we all love the sheer beauty of the Fair Cape. Our spare time is spent hiking, walking on the beach, and experiencing the food, wine and culture that Cape Town has to offer. I am a 4th generation South African, and am passionate about this country, hence my involvement with fund raising for various charities.


After completing school, I began studying a B com in marketing and business management, while working for my parents in their various businesses. I have since gained experience in the logistics, marketing, website and the valuations department of the Henry Taylor Gallery. I then went on to study a life coaching course, which I am still completing.

Born with  a passion for health and wellness . Over many years, I have self-studied and researched the health industry, from fitness, skin-care, nutrition and image. But, most importantly I have researched and put into practice, skills on how to live a balanced lifestyle. From my knowledge on how to take care of myself, I have always had the vision of sharing what I have learned with others. Apart from health and wellness, I love fashion, make up, and fast cars. I love designing clothes for women, to feel beautiful in their own skin.

“The gift is always in giving and, not necessarily in receiving.”


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