Aloe Ferox Cleansing Cream

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Aloe Ferox Cleansing

Aloe Ferox Cleansing 150 ML Cleanses the skin gently to protect against dehydration (dehydration promotes the forming of wrinkles). Ideal for sensitive skin. Directions for use: Use a moist sponge or cotton wool and apply gently to face and neck area with circular movements. Massage with gentle upward movements for approximately 30 seconds. The massaging enhances blood circulation. Gently wipe, or rinse with clean lukewarm water and dry. Treat oily skin gently. Over-cleansing can strip the skin, upsetting its natural balance. Oil glands become stimulated and secrete even more sebum (oil) and exacerbate the problem. Even an oily skin needs moisturizer because it helps to seal in moisture in the top skin layers to leave the skin soft and supple. Mix your moisturizer with the Aloe before application to promote absorption and to absorb excess oils. The gel also helps to rejuvenate your skin, encouraging the natural production of collagen. If you tend to have acne or pimples, then the right product for you is Aloe Ferox Facial Wash Bitter which deep cleanses and has an anti-bacterial action to prevent breakouts.

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