Australian Gold Tattoo Fade Protection Stick

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Australian Gold Tattoo Fade Protection Stick

Australian Gold Tattoo Fade Protection Stick Tattoo Fade Protection Stick – Australian Gold This is the Australian Gold tattoo fade protection stick. Do you have a tattoo? If so, you may not be aware that it must have proper protection in order for it not to fade. This tattoo fade protection stick will do just that – Protect your tattoo! It also provides intense moisture to actually brighten up tattoo colour! SPF60 Why Do Tattoos Need Protection? During the Summer months in particular, those with tattoos may find that their work of art is gradually beginning to fade. Not only is this disappointing visually, but it can actually affect your health, in that the faded colours become a problem for screening for cancer. Therefore it is utmost importance that people protect their tattoos. No matter what your skin type, it is advisable to get a protection stick with as high a SPF as possible. The higher the better! Along with regular use of a high SPF protection stick, those with tattoos should avoid tanning beds at all costs. The ultra violet rays in tanning beds are far more concentrated than those from the sun.

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