Bamboo Tea Whisk ( Chasen )

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Bamboo Tea Whisk ( Chasen )

Bamboo Tea Whisk ( Chasen )
This hand-crafted bamboo whisk or chasen is traditionally used in a matcha tea ceremony to whisk and froth matcha, aerating it into the perfect brew to drink on its own as a thick koicha tea , or thin usucha tea — or even incorporated into a latté.

Hand-crafted and carved from a single piece of bamboo each whisk is individual and unique, as such the colour and shape may differ slightly from the product photo.

How to take care of your whisk

Before use, soak the prongs in cold water for 1-2 minutes
Avoid soaps an detergents to clean the scoop
The whisk needs to air dry, so do not store it inside its original packaging
To maintain its shape, place the whisk on a whisk holder


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