Bodyology Tooth Scrub

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Bodyology Tooth Scrub

Bodyology Tooth Scrub was created as our premier product, with the specific aim to restore your teeth to their most natural shade of white. 100% natural and highly effective, BODYOLOGY Tooth Scrub reminerlizes teeth & gums while restoring sensitivity. The all-natural ingredients in Tooth Scrub work to remove stains caused by foods, drinks, sweets & cigarettes. The Scrub safely lifts stains & toxins from teeth while simultaneously strengthening, remineralizing & reversing sensitivity! How to use BODYOLOGY Tooth Scrub? The Scrub is a black powder, the main ingredient being activated charcoal. Your teeth are used to being cleaned with a paste and not a powder so take care when brushing teeth until you become familiar with the product. Dip toothbrush with toothpaste into Tooth Scrub, brushing teeth in gentle circles for 30 seconds. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water and clean the toothbrush. Then, dip your clean, wet toothbrush into only Tooth Scrub and brush teeth again, in gentle circles for 30 seconds. For extra results, swirl the black paste around in your mouth for an additional 30 seconds before spitting out and rinsing thoroughly. There may be charcoal residue on gums & between teeth; this can be removed by rinsing mouth and gently brushing teeth with water if needed.

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