The Real Thing Cilantro

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The Real Thing Cilantro

The Real Thing Cilantro the heavyweight detoxifier for mobilising and removing all toxic heavy metals from your body.


• Contains a natural antibacterial compound for anti-infection
• A natural anti-inflammatory and helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis
• Regular intake of cilantro helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL). Both these acts of cilantro help to maintain the health of the heart
• Promotes the production of digestive enzymes for a smoother running system.
Cilantro gets into cells. It’s probably the only effective mobiliser of mercury stored within a cell, and within its nucleus. That’s why it’s thought to even help reverse the DNA damage caused by mercury.

It reaches hard to reach places. According to detox guru Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, cilantro can find and mobilise heavy metals in bones and the central nervous system. A recent animal study showed that it could rapidly strip aluminium and lead from the brain and bones more effectively than any other known detoxifier. Especially the brain. Because this herb can cross the blood-brain barrier it gets into the central nervous system and does its work within the brain. Which is particularly neat.


1. Potent Doses

It doesn’t matter how many supplements you swallow if they don’t contain enough of the active ingredients. Why bother? You may as well pop popcorn or after-dinner mints. Question is, how much is really enough? The Real Thing does the research so you don’t have to.

The Message: Every ingredient in every one of our products is delivered at optimal concentration for optimal health benefits. We know what you need. And we’re providing it.

2. Pure Good Stuff

We don’t like clutter. We don’t like contaminants. And we certainly don’t like chemicals. We do like super-pure ingredients, and we want nothing to get in their way.

The Message: Our products are all-natural and purified to eliminate toxins, microorganisms, and contaminants. They’re MCC-approved and free of colorants, flavourants, preservatives, binders, fillers, tableting aids and any other additives that might dilute or compromise the good bits. That’s what makes them the real thing.

3. Green Ingredients

Green is our favorite color. It goes with everything we do. Why? Because really healthy health food supplements have to be healthy for the Earth too. It may be cheesy. But it’s also true.

The Message: We’ve scrutinized every supplier’s facilities, manufacturing processes, and farming methods. We’ve sourced ingredients that are pesticide, herbicide, and heavy-metal free. Wherever possible, they’re also 100% wild-harvested or organic. And we’re 100% proud of it.

4. Fresh Ideas

We’re not interested in doing what’s been done before. We want to do things better, newer, smarter and healthier. That’s why we’re constantly tracking international health research and trends. We’re like the Madonna of health products. Always changing (but we’re only into natural supplements).

The Message: We aim to keep bringing brand-new supplement concepts to the South African industry. Cutting-edge compounds, inventive formulae, more potent mixes and ever-purer products. Watch this space.

5. Surprising Prices 

The highest quality usually comes at the highest price. But not when it’s The Real Thing. We buy in bulk, directly from the farmers and producers, so we keep costs down, quality up and everybody happy.

The Message: Holistic health is accessible and sustainable. We’re working to keep it that way.

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