Colon Purity

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Colon Purity

R’vive Colon Purity helps to bring healing and restore colon function by removing built-up waste and detoxing the colon. Contained is 375g Colon Purity Powder. The Seven Natural Ingredients The natural, active ingredients in Colon Purity are numerous: Psyllium Husk Psyllium is a natural soluble fibre that swells in water. As it expands it forms a thick, mucilaginous, gluey-like gel. It has a number of benefits in regard to bowel cleansing and general bowel health. As a fibre it works like a broom and gently sweeps or pushes unwanted debris out of the bowel. The ‘sticky’ gel like substance it forms helps to draw colon wastes, toxins and bile salts to itself. Psyllium bulks up the stool, pressing against the bowel walls, stimulating peristalsis and normal bowel movements. Other benefits include acting as a pre-biotic and feeding the good bacteria in the gut, assisting in the reduction of cholesterol and balancing of blood sugar. Bentonite Clay R’vive uses a natural calcium bentonite clay with a strong negative charge. Calcium bentonite clay is known for its strong drawing power. Our clay has the ability to both adsorb toxins onto its surface and absorb into its molecular structure. Toxins are eliminated with the stool and are therefore prevented from being reabsorbed and entering the blood stream. Our clay is alkaline with a pH above 8 and therefore aids to alkalise your body while you cleanse. Our clay is tested for high purity and the absence of heavy metals to ensure that it cleanses and does not deposit wastes into your body. Apple Pectin Apple pectin is a soluble fibre that swells in water, with benefits similar to psyllium husks. It assists both in absorbing and pushing toxins and accumulated wastes out of the digestive system. It breaks down into short chain fatty acids which feed the good bacteria in the gut. It bulks the stool and stimulates bowel movements. The toxin absorption power of apple pectin is so good it has even been shown draw even radioactive waste from your body and pass it out through the colon. Humic and Fulvic Acid Humic and Fulvic acids are created by soil-based micro-organisms in the process of making compost. They are absorbed by the plant where they perform numerous benefits. Humic acid is particularly beneficial for the transferring of nutrients into the cell in that it increases cell wall permeability for nutritional molecules. Testing on cows has indicated an increase of 16% in calcium absorption due to humic acid. Slippery Elm In regards to healing, slippery elm has a type of fibre known as mucilage which swells and becomes soft and gel-like when in contact with water. The particular mucilage in Slippery Elm has a soothing, anti-spasm, anti-inflammatory effect on the intestines. It also promotes the healthy secretion of mucous that encourages healing of the intestinal lining. Peppermint Peppermint fulfils a number of functions during your cleanse. It is soothing to the bowels, promoting healing and preventing bloating. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and assists to expel gas form the intestines. It stimulates digestive secretions, tones the digestive tract and stimulates bile flow. It inhibits the growth of bad, putrefying bacteria in the gut and is anti-parasitic.

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