Crystal Clear Sugar Spoon

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Crystal Clear Sugar Spoon

Crystal Clear Sugar Spoon. The Crystal d’Afrique range perfectly blends the strength of stainless steel, the soft glow of lead-free pewter and the sparkle of a genuine Swarovski crystal. Diana draws her inspiration for this sophisticated, functional range from the bare stem of an African Aloe after the flowers have fallen. The handle portrays this, by using different surface textures with different detail hand-finishing. Swarovski crystals at the tip of each piece reveal with the crystalline brilliance of dew drops  Each representing a perfect droplet of African dew.  The crystal clear sugar spoon is only one item in a large range of crystal goods.

Diana Carmichael Artworks

Designer Jewellery and Contemporary Tableware inspired by traditional African life and art. The collection consists of timeless lead-free pewter jewellery, tableware and accessories.  All inspired by traditional African life and art.

What is Pewter?

Pewter is an alloy of tin with small amounts of antimony and copper. The tin gives it sheen and provides resistance to corrosion. The antimony hardens and whitens the metal and its expanding properties.  Cooler gives the castings sharp, detailed impressions when taken from the mould. Copper adds to its durability and hardness. The low melting temperature and ease with which pewter flows makes the metal ideal for casting. All the broken pieces that do not pass the stringent quality control are re-melted.  The metal is reused to cast into new parts. The casting and polishing require a low usage of water and electricity. This further enhances our efforts to preserve the environment.

Care and Cleaning

These hand-crafted pieces need a minimum amount of attention to keep them in their original state.  It is essential that it is hand-washed in warm, soapy water when necessary.  Then rinsed in clean water and dried with a soft, clean cloth. Do not place in the dishwasher or use a harsh abrasive material as this will cause the piece to become dull and grey. Should any of your Diana Carmichael pieces be inadvertently placed in a dishwasher, use some of our liquid metal polish. This polish is formulated to clean and protect pewter. The paste will restore the glow to any damaged piece. Just apply our metal polish with a soft cotton cloth in a circular motion until the contact area has turned grey or black. It is preferable not to store the pieces with other sharp objects. This cause the item to become marked. Cared for properly it will last for generations.
About the Designers
Diana Carmichael offers a variety of collections inspired by life and art in Africa. The feel and look of each range are unique, and a reflection of the mosaic of talents available amongst African designers. Diana Carmichael Artworks is proud to present the different artists and their contribution to each collection. The forms and textures of this extraordinary continent have influenced Diana Carmichael.  Here she captures the elusive “spirit” of Africa in her designs.  This inspiration comes from “having lived in Africa all my life, and experiencing daily the natural beauty of the African sub-continent and its people.” She sees a “richness about life in Africa” which she reveals in her designs.

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