Electric Aroma Burner

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Electric Aroma Burner

This Electric Aroma burner is perfect for use as a room aroma or therapeutically with your favourite essential oils, like Lavender Oil or Ylang Ylang Oil. You won’t find a better price than here! We advise fitting your Electric Burner with a 60 Watt light bulb. Directions for use: Using essential oils:Simply secure a bulb into the available connection and switch on. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil to a little water in the top basin of the burner. Ensure that there is always water in the basin for the duration of use. You may top up with essential oil as needed. Using soy wax melts: Simply secure a bulb into the available connection and switch on. Just pop 1 or 2 soy wax melts into the basin of your oil burner and sit back and enjoy the aroma. After 8 hours burn time per soy wax melt, discard the remaining wax as it will have lost its fragrance. Simply wipe burner clean for next use.

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