Fit Chair Base with Wheels and Ball (no back support) Grey

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Fit Chair Base with Wheels and Ball (no back support) Grey

Fit Chair Base with Wheels and Ball (no back support) Grey With a high quality adjustable balance ball chair, you no longer need to worry about hurting your back again whenever you need to sit for long hours. Unlike sitting on a normal chair where you are tempted to slouch or lean back, sitting on a yoga ball forces your body to constantly maintain proper balance and strengthening the core. This alone can help promote proper spinal alignment and give you a healthier back. It is also ergonomically designed to align your body while relieving tension and stress on your back. Ideal for Schools, offices and home use. Its flexability and shape can help improve balance and posture. Has locking casters to keep the chair in position. The bounce on the ball promotes flow to the legs. You can also use it as a fitness ball chair to stretch your body when you need to take a quick break. Frequent stretching can not only help reduce stiffness but also improve circulation. By maintaining good posture while you’re sitting, over time your spine will be in better condition, your back pain will go away too and your overall well-being will also be improved.   • #lifestyleshoponline is the perfect online shop. • You can purchase for all your health, beauty, fashion, home and lifestyle needs. • As a result of our expertise, you can consider us your personal shoppers. • Testing 1000s of products monthly, and in conclusion, we add the ones we recommend. • Stocking top quality products, while keeping them affordable. • Furthermore, we courier all orders anywhere in the world. • Once you have tested your product, you will probably wish to do a review in the box below. • We will be handing out fabulous prizes to the best Product Reviewers. • Most of all, should you require any more information, please feel free to contact us. • If you would like us to stock specific products, please email

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