Fitball Roller

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Fitball Roller

Lifestyle Shop Online is proud to be stocking the Fitball Roller – a versatile exercise roll that can be inflated to desire firmness. Benefits include dynamic strengthening, balance and flexibility. Made from durable latex-free vinyl. The Fitball Roller is softer and more versatile than the traditional foam roller. Use it like a balance ball for core and muscle strength, or as a tool for balance and flexibility The Fitball Roller is easy to clean, lightweight and portable. Includes exercise poster! Size: 6″ x 30″ Fitball Roller Exercises Place the roller underneath your body, starting at the waist. Roll on top of the roller, moving down until you find a knot. When you find a knot, hold down until you can feel the muscle begin to relax. Continue moving down until you find another knot.  

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