H2O2 Raindrops Sterile Water pack of 2

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H2O2 Raindrops Sterile Water

H2O2 RainDrops sterile water flush for nose & ears is a safe and easy to use formulation of pre-diluted Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide – 0.1% H2O2. It can help with hay fever, colds, flu, sinusitis and much more. Hydrogen peroxide is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that is effective against anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi. H2O2 RainDrops Nose & Ear Flush contains 1000 parts per million (ppm) of Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide. It does not dry up your nose, but flushes it clean and leaves it moisturised. How do I use H2O2 RainDrops Nose: 1 – 2 sprays per nostril. The product is very mild, so can be used multiple times during the day. The H2O2 reaction may cause mild discomfort if your sinuses are dirty, and less so as they become clean. Ears: 1 spray per ear. Lie on your side for 5 minutes after each spray to let the flush penetrate your ear canal and then turn over to let it drain properly.

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