H2O2 Raindrops pack of 2

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H2O2 Raindrops

Add a drop or two of H2O2 Raindrops in all your drinks to refresh and revitalise water back to the way nature intended it to be. A couple of drops of H2O2 Raindrops will give you the essential ten to twenty parts per million of H2O2 that is naturally found in nature: in really fresh fruit and vegetables, snow and seawater. Can aid weight loss, leaky gut, indigestion and much more. How do I use H2O2 RainDrops? Dilution: Add Raindrops to everything you drink, throughout the day. 1 to 2 drops in 250 ml water = 10 to 20 ppm (parts per million) H2O2 – the equivalent of sea, rain and natural water sources. Drops can also be added to other natural liquids like fruit juice, milk and even wine, where it binds the free sulphites, reducing your hangover.    

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