Kikoy Pareo Towel

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Kikoy Pareo Towel

Kikoy Pareo Towels are butter soft and made from 100% cotton kikoy. Use it as a beach towel, a sarong, a scarf in winter and much more. This is the Bright Colours range.

Product Description

Kikoy Pareo Towel – Colour Kikoy Pareo towel is a 100 % cotton kikoy which is butter-soft with a thin backing in towelling which creates a stunning multi-functional product. It has many different uses: Use it on the beach as a beach towel. Thin enough to use as a sarong as well. Use it as a bath towel when you’re at home or travelling. Overlay on a table /table cloth Throw it over a couch Use it as a scarf in winter The product comes in two stunning ranges ie. The pastel range and the colour range. This is the colour range.  

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Weight 0.2200 kg
Dimensions 90 x 170 cm

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