Naturemades Blackstrap Molasses pack of 2

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Naturemades Blackstrap Molasses

Naturemades Blackstrap Molasses is a powerhouse of the vitamins and minerals which are stripped from table sugar during the sugar refining process.  All the goodness that sugar lacks, now resides in its by-product, molasses Action and uses Widely accepted as a health food, Blackstrap Molasses has many uses, namely: Great for Hair: due to its high copper content, long term use of molasses has been linked to improved hair condition, growth and even restoration of hair colour. Laxative Properties: It is great as a stool softener High in Iron: Just 2 tablespoons a day provides 13.2% of our RDA of Iron High in Calcium and Magnesium: It is loaded with Calcium and Magnesium in the correct ratio. This makes Blackstrap Molasses a good defence against osteoporosis and other bone diseases. Dosage One to two tablespoons in a glass of boiling water.  You can let it cool and sip through a straw.  This helps bypass your teeth.


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