Macadamia Butter

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Macadamia Butter


The three products in our range are Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, and omega-3-enriched Peanut Butter (in smooth & crunchy).

Our almond and cashew butters are pure nut butters. We roast, ground and then bottle the nut butters. To make the nut butter taste better, and get a bigger nutritional value we add a touch of honey. 

Product Information:

Our Macadamia butter is 100% natural. We use Macadamia nuts and simply roast, grind and bottle.

Macadamia butter is a delicious, naturally sweet spread that’s great on toast, in smoothies or simply straight out of the jar.

Enjoy on bread, biscuits, use as a dip or topping for snacks and also desserts. Also great in salad dressings.

About Macadamia:

Macadamias are a rich source of Vitamin A, iron, protein, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, as well as folates. They also contain moderate amounts of zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. Macadamia contains antioxidants like polyphenols, Amino acids, flavones, and selenium. It is also a good source of carbohydrates like sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, and some starch-based carbohydrates.


1. Helps To Keep Your Heart Healthy!

2. They Fight Free-Radical Damage Leading To Cancers

3. They Curb Your Appetite!

4. They Strengthen Your Hair, Skin, And Also Nails

5. Supports Your Gut Health

6. Strengthens Your Bones

7. They Look After Your Brain As Well As Your Nervous System

8. They’re Lower In Inflammation-Causing Omega-6’s


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