Prime Pet

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Prime Pet

Prime Pet is an exclusive adaptogenic formulation designed as a dietary supplement for household pets.

Product Description

• Prime Pet is a complex blend of the most effective herbs known for daily protection against the adverse effects of stress (including during transportation) and illness.
• Prime Pet is a daily anti-stress formula that supports the immune system.
• Prime Pet facilitates muscle development and tissue repair.
• Prime Pet aids in the recovery from illness, injury, or training.

The Physical Side Of Stress

Most of us think of Stress as a state of mind, but it is not just that – there is a very physical aspect of stress that has been overlooked for far too long.

Most of us believe that our feelings of being ‘stressed out’ have to do with our jobs, our hectic schedules, and our relationships with other people. What we are ignoring is the chemical state our bodies are in when we feel stressed out.

The physical side of stress has to do with cortisol (a hormone produced by our adrenal glands) and inflammation. Cortisol is the hormone that orchestrates our fight-or-flight response, but it is also the chemical agent our bodies use to fight inflammation.

Whenever there is inflammation in your body, your cortisol levels will rise and you will feel more stressed out.

You may not think you have inflammation inside your body, but the statistics that link stress and inflammation to nearly every human ailment say you probably do. Unbalanced cortisol levels have been scientifically linked to heart disease, diabetes, immune disorders, other hormonal problems (e.g., thyroid disorders), insomnia, depression, weight gain, and anxiety.

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