Relaxer Combo

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Relaxer Combo

10ML Relaxer 10ML Stressniff The Relaxer roll on and Stressniff inhaler go hand in hand with helping calm the mind, body and soul. The roll on is fantastic to use at night especially to allow the oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The inhaler allows you to carry the relaxing scents of neroli, chamomile and lavender in your pocket to calm the nerves during the day. Combo contains: Relaxer Mini Roll On and Stressniff Inhaler. Best used for: Stress relief, difficulty with sleep and to calm or relax. How to use: Relaxer Mini Roll On: Use the roller ball application to massage the oil onto pulse points (inside wrists) and forearms, as required for stress relief. Inhale too for best benefit. Stressniff Inhaler: Inhale deeply through alternate nostrils as required.

Stressniff for calming and relaxing

Our Stessniff inhaler contains neroli, camomile and lavender which are all calming soothing and relaxing. The combined effect of this blend is helpful for numerous conditions such as stress, sleeplessness, panic attacks and for taking a moment to pause, breathe, and to feel relaxed. In the UK certain oncology wards are encouraging patients to inhale aromatic sticks to feel less anxious during chemo treatments.

Your personal aromatic inhaler stick can be carried around discretely in your pocket or hand bag and used as frequently as required and only YOU will be able to smell the wonderful aromas and benefit from them.

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