Ryan Edmonds – Time Out (Audio Meditation)

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Ryan Edmonds – Time Out (Audio Meditation)

Ryan Edmonds – Time Out (Audio Meditation)

Time Out (Audio Meditation) -Fewer and fewer people take time out for themselves to just “zoom out” and see their lives from a higher perspective.

Meditation helps us to clear the mind of “junk” that takes up space and prevents us from finding mental stillness. Like a non-stop moving river, an over stimulated, clouded mind prevents you from being able to think clearly.  Eventually we become addicted to an overstimulated mind, and we believe we always need to be thinking to achieve success.

Imagine how much more clearly you could see through the waters of life if we just stopped the movement of the mind and let all the sand( mental junk  )settle at the bottom.Stillness. Clarity. Deep feelings of peace.

You are worth investing into this process. Used daily (or whenever needed), TIME OUT was created with YOU in mind.  You don’t need anything other than headphones, speakers, and a comfortable spot where you will be undisturbed for 30 minutes.

Time Out (Audio Meditation) is a Yoga Teacher , Hypnotherapist, and Certified Life Coach with an academic background in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg. He runs a successful full time studio in the Cape Wine lands, has appeared on several radio and television shows, and maintains regular meditation groups all around the Western Cape.  Allow his voice, and the gentle binaural tracks woven into the audio, to give you the best experience.

The deeper you relax, the better you feel. You are worth it.

For any information on this audio, or to find out about LELC STUDIO, kindly email ryan@liferetreat.co.za



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