SereniT Sceletium Rooibos Tea pack of 2

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SereniT Sceletium Rooibos Tea (100mg)

SereniT Sceletium Rooibos Tea Enjoy the benefits of the all-natural mood booster and stress reliever Sceletium in this super convenient tea from SereniT. Sceletium has been used for centuries as a mood elevator and cognitive enhancer. Studies have shown that Sceletium improves mental functions such as memory, focus, concentration, wakefulness and creativity. Product Details • Box of 20 SereniT Sceletium Rooibos Tea bags • Sceletium used is grown organically in Kwa Zulu Natal • Sceletium is effective in the treatment of anxiety, stress and low mood. • Effective for use as a cognitive enhancer for studying or working for long hours. •

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