Aromatic Apothecary Sinus Soother Roll on Pack of 2

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Aromatic Apothecary Sinus Soother Roll on

Aromatic Apothecary Sinus Soother Roll on 10ML Natural essential oils are effective without the side-effects of drowsiness. Useful for nose, throat, ear and chest respiratory infections and allergies  can be used in conjunction or instead of medicinal preparations. Eucalyptus opens up air passages, Lavender soothes membranes and Tea Tree is anti-infectious. Best used for: This blend is helpful for easy breathing and to clear airways. It will ease blocked noses and sinus congestion, soothe tight chest and relieve symptoms related to colds and hay fever. How to use: Use the roller ball to apply the oil to the sides of the nose, under cheeks, above eyebrows and behind the ears to relieve congestion. Take care to avoid contact with eyes. Can be used on the throat and chest to alleviate congestion. Eucalyptus open the airways and Lavender soothes the membranes. By gently applying Sinus Soother to the side of the nose, above the brow, under the nose and under the cheek bones towards the ears this stimulates the sinus area and allows blood to flow to the area stimulating the removal of toxins. Also by applying Sinus Soother to behind the ears it helps open the tube and may allieviate the symptoms of post nasal drip.

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