Aromatic Apothecary Sniffle Soother

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Aromatic Apothecary Sniffle Soother

Aromatic Apothecary Sniffle Soother 12ML 55ML Ingredients: For easy breathing and to open up the airways and tight chests. Relieve cold and flu congestion, bolster your immune system and ward off bacteria and viruses that lead to illness. How to use: Add a few drops of this burner essence into water or crystals in a traditional aromatherapy burner. You can also add a few drops onto a tissue, hanky or in your sauna, shower or jacuzzi to enjoy the wonderful benefits. By gently applying Soother to the side of the nose, above the brow, under the nose and under the cheek bones towards the ears this stimulates the sinus area and allows blood to flow to the area The essential oils, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender open up clogged sinuses while revitalizing the spirit helping you feel clear headed and focused.  Roll on sinus Soother to the sides of the nose, under cheekbones above eyebrows and behind the ears. Avoid contact with eyes.  

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Sniffle Soother



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