Solar 2600mAh Powerbank

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Solar 2600mAh Powerbank

Solar 2600mAh Powerbank The perfect sidekick for the outdoor enthusiast.Keep your phone charged whilst enjoying all that nature has to offer. This Portable charger features a large solar panel and an aluminium outer. It also includes a multi 4-in-1 charging cable. Never let your phone or electronic gadgets run out of power again when you have this solar powered battery charger on you. Powered by the sun, this charger can bring your phone’s battery back to life no matter where you are. Coming with a 2600mAh strong back up battery, your will be able to charge your phone even when there is no sun and when not in use, the emergency battery will charge itself. Capacity : 2600mAh Output    : DC5V / 800mAh Product Dimension : 12cm x 7.3 x 1cm  

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