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Special Advertising Banner (270 X 270). Price Per Month


Please email us a clear banner image (270 x 270) to to use as a Special Advertising Banner, as well as your website address for the banner to link to it. With this purchase, we are also offering a free blog post promoting your business to feature on our homepage should you wish – just email with any blog/article you would like featured. As you can see, we charge per month. Typically the impression rate over the course of a month will be around 25,000 but this is a number that is increasing month on month. You are more than welcome to buy several packages. Once you have almost reached the end of the month we will let you know, and you can decide whether you would like to renew.

Product Description:

Special Advertising Banner Launch Price. Limited Time Only! For each Advertising Banner purchased, we are also offering you a free blog post to be featured on our homepage if you so wish. Once purchased, please email us your blog with any photos etc. to add to our website, to The Life Retreat Website is presently being marketed to over 50 000 businesses Our extensive social media campaigns include: Facebook, Twitter, Google ±, Pinterest, Linked In & Instagram. All will reach 100s of 1000s of clients.


Banner Advertising is presently the internet’s most popular form of marketing. A banner advert is a graphic image or logo, used to promote businesses. When Life Retreat visitors view our website, the banner adverts are presented to them on all of our pages. Banner ads generally generate good revenue.


An impression is a measurement used to quantify the number of times an Advert has appeared on our website. CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR) The Click through Rate is the amount of times, which Lifestyle shop online clients click on a particular advertising banner, and going straight to the Advertisers site.

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