Sport Kit

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Sport Kit

Benefits Naturally assists in enhancing endurance and capability Prepare the body to avoid unnecessary early exhaustion Supports the blood and lymph circulation Warms the muscles and joints to help prevent injury Assists to drain lactic acid which creates joint/muscle/tendon stiffness and acidity Cools and soothes Provides relief for pain and injury Includes Sports Vanity Bag Fired Up – Pre workout Lotion Cool Down – Post Workout Lotion SOS Repair Ointment Cream One massage body suction cup Ingredients We are also passionate about the earth and leaving the least visible eco-footprint possible, therefore our product range makes use of the latest in natural preservatives. They are also paraben and artificial fragrance-free. Furthermore, we do not believe in adulterating our ingredients as they can only provide their highest level of potency when they are used in their purest and most natural form possible. Bellabaci Sport International and all involved also love our fur-kids and we oppose animal testing strongly. More Workout harder, faster and for longer is within your reach, with the Bellabaci Sport Range of Post & Pre Workout Lotions. As a result, it is our passion to provide our consumers with a superior quality product to enhance wellbeing and your athletic performance! Bellabaci Sport specializes in preparing as well as preserving the body naturally and therefore creating the best possible outcome. Furthermore, our research and development team work under the strictest and advanced laboratory regulations and specs available, ensuring that you receive exactly what your body needs, every time. If you are tempted to skip your warm up, Don’t, because your warm-up is an important part of your exercise routine, in addition to cooling down and recovering well.


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