Swiitch Brush Guards Pack of 2

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Swiitch Brush Guards

The Swiitch Brush Guards are a stretchable, breathable polyester tube that protects your make-up bristles, and brings them back to new! We know that brushes can be a pricey investment, we don’t believe in throwing them away because they are over used and splayed. With one use of The Brush Guard, your brushes will look as good as new! We have brush guards for all shapes and sizes from eye liner brushes to kabuki brushes. Did you know that in each make-up brush lives oil, old make-up, skin cells, bacteria, dust & dirt? Ew! We call these the ICKIES! Not cleaning your make-up brushes can cause breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads. A simple clean from our BrushEgg will solve all those problems

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