Trill Seeker Action Camera

R 1,199.00


Trill Seeker Action Camera

Trill Seeker Action Camera Capture your world of extreme adventure with our Thrill-Seeker Action Camera. This small yet tough camera features a 2.0” LTPS LCD screen, a 90° wide-angle lens and a 3.7V lithium battery which allows up to 120 minutes of recording. Including multiple mounts, as well as a waterproof housing, you can easily take this versatile camera with you no matter what sport or outdoor activity you choose • GC1004 Sensor Record format : 720 pixels 30fps Micro USB charging cable : Battery life -120 min. 8GB SDHC storage card. Waterproof -30M • ABS : 4.1 ( l ) x 5.9 ( w ) x 2.45 ( h ).  


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