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Zap Zit

Zap Zit 10ML Developed for the need to treat an unwanted pimple quickly, effectively, invisibly, naturally and on the go. Ingredients: Zap Zit is a unique combination of tea tree, lavender and bergamot in an alcohol gel base. Best used for: Disinfecting and healing for pimples this combination of essential oils and sterilizing base is effective. Its targeted application dries the pimple without drying the surrounding skin. How to use: Use the roller ball on a pimples and breakouts to apply the gel. Use a moisturizer after the zapzit has dried. Best used in conjunction with ZitGo Face wash daily and Scrubzit facial scrub twice a week. Strong acne and blemish fighting treatment Formulated with benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid and tea tree oil to heal blemished skin Aloe Vera provides hydration and moisture along with anti-oxidants needed to maintain healthy skin Daily skin care use clears redness and prevents troublesome blemishes

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